For the carpool owners & managers (Organisations)

  • A fun informational website
  • Branding: Your own distinctive graphical layout
  • Staff can easily modify the written content on information pages and load files and images
  • Agreement to your Terms and Conditions is enforced in the registration process
  • The site can be extended with links to associated material, eg. maps, health tips and carbon calculators
  • Car pool summary statistics available (membership breakdown, match-making activity)
  • A Full range of reports provided (and available for download as a spreadsheet): clients, travel plans, link ups by suburb/organisation and more. 
  • Manage carpool Sticker allocation
  • Ability to organise car pools for specific events
  • Clients management: add/maintain/delete
  • Messages sent to clients by the application are logged for audit purposes
  • Client feedback forum can be managed/moderated
  • Inter-client communications content is regulated using standard messages or stock phrases
  • Manage up to 32 configuration parameters that control the workflow of the application
  • Manage the list of accounts with Administrator privileges
  • Add/ maintain/ delete the details of organisation clients
  • Create/ manage car-type details
  • Create/ manage standard journey destinations in your carpool region
  • Manage the list of (preloaded) suburbs in your carpool region
  • Automatically update the geocodes for all suburbs

For carpool members (drivers and/or passengers)

  • Accessibility from desktops, tablets and smartphones
  • Easy registration as an individual or member of an organisation
  • Alert sent when a new match is found
  • Preferences registration for carpoolers (driver/passenger/either, male/female/don't care)
  • Travel plans registration (from/to, arrival/departure times by days of the week)
  • Moderated Forum for clients to provide feedback and comments
  • Documentation/ FAQ
  • Support/ Contact Forms
  • "Test Drives": Simulated trials before registration
  • A range of contact options: email, sms or phone
  • History & Statistics: maintain a list of existing trips and calculate fuel and CO2 savings
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